Okay so I’m on this WordPress now.

Am I doing this right? It was already filled with some words here, but I deleted them and I’m typing this instead. With advice from my volunteer webmaster, the plan is to link this to the web page and or Facebook page. I tend to use the two terms interchangeably. But speaking of Facebook, why did people think that was going to make money? Isn’t it just like the dotcom bubble? I only know how to make money (and not much of it) the old-fashioned way: with a product. A physical item (in my case food) that you can see and smell and taste.

Memorial Day is coming up. Have to go to the cemetery with my wife to put flowers on her ancestors graves. Harry and Bud are among them, so I guess that’s why we got the job. My wife is fine, almost cheery, with the visit to the cemetery. She drinks a beer at her dad’s grave. One time we saw where somebody had left a beer for a departed loved one. My wife says her dad would think that’s a waste. And she has to get ordinary beer like Budweiser. Because her dad would not have spent extra on some import or microbrew.

Since the peonies (transplanted bushes that were at her grandmother’s) bloomed early this year, she bought some little bedding plants (drastically on sale because of not being watered at Lowe’s — and how she criticized them for stupidity in spite of taking advantage of the low price), but since she watered them, they look pretty good and she is having second thoughts about putting them out in the merciless heat of the cemetery to die.

Who knows what we’ll end up with. You know Jews put a stone on the marker to show someone visited. My wife is happy with that custom, but in a goyishe cemetery, she feels some pressure to conform to foliage at least.

So, there are all these buttons to the side here about format. No idea about that. But here we go sending this off.