The Way to a Woman’s Heart?

There’s been a suggestion that I write more often. So, that’s nice feedback, and I guess I’ll try to do it. Since we got a decent rain finally, I’m not spending quite as much time watering. All the Rose of Sharon popped back like it had never been withered on the edge of death. The magnolia has some new little leaves, which has to be a good sign. I’m still concerned about the dogwood, but I guess we won’t know until next spring on that.

I just spent some time with another kind of spring – the one in the oven door. Everything’s okay now, after a set back the first time I tried to repair it. I was getting used to working around the little step ladder I had to use to prop the door closed, but it’s a lot more efficient without it. And my wife says the absolute last thing I need is to be any more inefficient.

She wasn’t at all alarmed when I told her two women had proposed to me yesterday. She said, “They must know you’re already married. You’re wearing a wedding ring.” Then she asked how old they were, what they looked like, what they were wearing. Then she said she bet they were with their husbands when they made these proposals. Which was true.

She just had the first day back at school. I always pack her a nice lunch.


Hot Sun in the Summertime

Well, here it is, August already. Summer’s on the downswing. The heat and drought have certainly taken a toll this year. Especially in an un-air-conditioned home. My wife is oddly proud of the fact that she has never lived in a home with air-conditioning, but there were a couple of times she suggested sleeping in the restaurant. Still, we persevered through a record high of 97 — that’s inside, downstairs. I’ve had to stand the heat even when I’m out of the kitchen.

My wife tells me today is Chic-fil-a Appreciation Day. Her one sister is planning to go over to Indy and show her support. Her other sister is going on Friday when apparently there’s the Chic-fil-a In-your-face Day.  I doubt either of these events will have any impact on business at Harry & Bud’s.  For the record, we don’t give big donations to anybody. In order to do that, we’d have to have some leftover income at the end of the month.  My wife says I have hit on a business model that’s 100% franchise-proof.  And one that uses an extraordinary plate and utensil to customer ratio. She brings this up mostly when she’s helping do the dishes, so she’s got a vested interest.